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Our products and solutions derived from the requirements we have in our chain of work. We do use them ourselves and we provide a follow up on the usage here.

HyperSlow 2.0 Coming End of November

We have been hard at work to release a new version of HyperSlow with some amazing features. Look forward to this free update end of November, including: ATEM switcher integration: In SuperPlay (when playing back multiple slow motions sequentially), HyperSlow can switch the corresponding HyperDeck channel to ATEM program output at the exact time. It … Continue reading “HyperSlow 2.0 Coming End of November”

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PTZ-Director on the “Literatur Festival Berlin 2017”

Filming a talkshow with 1 manned camera and 2 robotic cameras – a three cameras setup with PTZ-Director One camera was manned and equipped with a tele lens to shoot a 2-5 person wide shot and also a close up from the anchorman. Two Sony PMW 350 were mounted on a big remote head with … Continue reading “PTZ-Director on the “Literatur Festival Berlin 2017””

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Using HyperSlow for tagging events on a conference

HyperSlow is a perfect tool for tagging events on a conference. Simply connect up to 4 Hyperdecks to your iPad, start recording and tag using one of the 6 predefined events. Then export your event list via email or cloud and open it on your PC with Adobe Premiere. After importing your clips you can … Continue reading “Using HyperSlow for tagging events on a conference”

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Using PTZ-Director on the GEMA Germany election event

Last week in Munich, Germany: We streamed the yearly GEMA main event. We streamed on 3 channels, with 2 Tricasters and 1 Blackmagic ATEM mixer. The remote cams in the 3 different election areas were 2 Panasonic HPX-500 and 1 Sony F3, driven by 3 remote heads for cameras up to 12 kg and the … Continue reading “Using PTZ-Director on the GEMA Germany election event”

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Using the HyperSlow app and the PTZ-Director system at the German Weightlifter Cup 2017

The German Weightlifter Cup, with starters from 26 countries. We have broadcast the event to YouTube using HyperSlow and PTZ-Director! HyperSlow was the perfect tool to generate Slow Motion takes from every weightlifter attempt. 4 cameras delivered the pictures of the competitors from different angles, and 4 Hyperdecks were used to record the video signal … Continue reading “Using the HyperSlow app and the PTZ-Director system at the German Weightlifter Cup 2017”

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