When combining up to 16 Blackmagic Hyperdecks with an Apple iPad running HyperSynchron, you can control and monitor up to 16 Hyperdecks at a glance.

HyperSynchron for iOS

  • The revolutionary status instrument on the right shows you at a glance whether all decks properly record or play, or if there are problems with a deck
  • The inner circle shows the current status of the system, the outer circle rotates as soon as a Deck is in the recording or playback mode,
  • All connected decks appear as a small icon at the edge of the outer circle, informing you of the current status of each deck.
  • If you press one of the deck icons, its most important data appears in the information box at the top left, double-clicking on a deck icon or the information field, this deck appears in a large pop-up window where you can make all settings or view specific clips.
  • Use the innovative jog / shuttle instrument to view or set up a particular playback position on one or all decks, use single jog wheels to move images, or move faster or forward with the outer shuttle
  • Never miss a warning again. Connect your iOS device running HyperSynchron via audio out and hear all warnings in your intercom system. In case you missed a message due to hustle and bustle in a live operation, simply repeat it with a single tap.


  • Control and monitor up to 16 hyperdecks at a glance
  • An integrated AI (Logic) monitors all decks and reports unsynchronized operating conditions
  • The SSD record time monitor informs you whether the capacity of an SSD is nearing the end and gives a warning.
  • Use the timer to start or stop a recording in seconds, with up to 16 decks at the same time.
  • In the setups, set a background color of your choice that best suits your current environment (or your mood). Enable or disable your decks and set IP numbers and other important settings.
  • Call up a single deck, disable faulty operating conditions, activate or deactivate it.

Watch the HyperSynchron Tutorial

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