Use your iPad as an ATEM switcher panel

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A new way to control your ATEM switcher! See audio levels and adjust it, while you switch along. Or set aux sources. Choose stills/clips in the ATEM integrated media player (with transition-tied clip-playback).

TouchDirector for iOS


TouchDirector app is intended for people, who can't afford a hardware panel or like to do more with it’s ATEM switcher as the BMD software can achieve.

The iOS app for your iPad is perfect for LiveStreams, TV broadcasting, OB-Vans or Webinars.



  • Use your iPad as an ATEM switcher panel
  • Activate the most needed Keys and Transitions direkt in the Transition area
  • See the audio levels live and adjust them while switching
  • See all aux sources on one view and set them
  • Choose stills and clips in the ATEM integrated Media-Player, tie clips with DSK or Transition
  • Switch SuperSource Boxes live, save and recall as much of them if you like (only 2 and 4M/E ATEM)
  • Connect one or two HyperDecks/HyperDecks Mini and use it as fully automated integrated Mediaplayer for pre-produced clips or key-animations.
    (use fill and key output at the HyperDeck Mini for alpha channel clips)
  • Generate Cliplists and, mark in and out and set repeat for your clips stored on your HyperDeck and HyperDeck Mini
  • Play back your key animations tied with DSK 1 and 2 or chained up with a Transition (only with HyperDeck Mini in ProRes 4444 with Alpha)
  • Control all your Key and DSK channels on one view in the Key Assignment settings
  • Assign your HyperDeck inputs related to their physical inputs in the Deck Assignments, also for Key and Fill
  • The app works with ATEM software 8.0 and also below. We tested with ATEM TVS (not the Panel types), 4k 1M/E, 4k 4M/E.

Download the free beta

This is a beta software test without any costs for you. The test runs for 28 days till end of July.

Click here to download the beta version

Please report bugs to us:
It would be helpful to send us the automated apple crash information. (switch on: Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics -> Share With App Developers). Send error descriptions to ObscureMyBug



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